About Us

Vesuvio’s Pizzeria is a traditional italian pizzeria.


Our oven in Australia prior coming to Philippines

We use an imported Italian manufactured wood oven which is the traditional method of baking pizzas in Italy.  The high temperature of the oven in combination with the proven thin crust of the dough and the best quality ingredients produce a pizza to be enjoyed by the pizza connoisseur.  Our dough is fermented for at least 24 hours to produce a crust with the full flavour of the flour and ingredients.  Our tomato sauce is produced using the finest italian peeled San Marsano tomatoes and seasoned with herbs and the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


We use the finest ingredients from Italy:
– Semolina flour
– extra virgin olive oil
– peeled San Marsano tomatoes
– salami / pepperoni
– pecorino cheese
– parmesan cheese
– mozzarella cheese

Vesuvio’s Pizzeria guarantees the quality of our pizza’s with the motto thatif you don’t like it, you don’t pay for it.”  This has been our motto since day one and almost 4 years now and no takers. We look forward to your comments.  Thank you for your patronage.

All our pizzas are 12 Inch or 300mm in diameter and utilises only thin crust.

Pasta Maker

Our pasta is made fresh every morning.


Our La Cimbali espresso machine, gives us the opportunity to make a whole array of wonderful espresso drinks.